Our wines

The first wines of ERUPCIÓN harvests 2021 and 2022 premium range are:

Milagro de Magmasía Colección as a white wine and strong>Luz de Obsidiana as a red wine, which were exclusively selected from our best volcanic terroir estates, and express those well-balanced mineral nuances.

bodega erupción vino milagro de magmasía 2021
Erupción Winery- Premium Range

Milagro de Magmasía

bodega erupción vino luz de obsidiana 2021
Erupción Winery- Premium Range

Luz de Obsidiana

bodega erupción vino dulce piroclastos 2012
Erupción Winery- Premium Range

Piroclastos Dulce

Erupción Winery- Vintages 2021-2022

Milagro de Magmasía Collection

Milagro de Magmasia COLECCIÓN, has been aged for 11 months on lees and was made with carefully selected Malvasía Volcánica grapes, from land located in the most demanding estates, mainly in the areas of La Geria and Masdache.

For this reason, our colourful image of the label takes us to the different shades of the picón that intermingle in the sunset and merge with the sea.

Magmasia essentially reinforces that the origin of this Malvasia wine comes from the volcano, almost as the magma flowed.

Erupción Winery- Vintages 2021-2022

Luz de Obsidiana

Luz de Obsidiana 2021, is also part of the first experience of the Amor López Harvest as Signature and high-end wines.

The result would not make sense if it were not for the respectful action of our traditional viticulture, which is the legacy of up to three generations, which is committed to sustainability and care for our land and with it our people.

In particular, Luz de Obsidiana is our red from the Listán Negra variety, which used unsqueezed whole bunches that were kept cold until they were taken to the tank, macerated to optimize tannin extraction and then fermentation began at controlled temperatures.

Its label represents the different profiles of the Obsidian that reflect beams of light, and superimposed we find almost concentric lines that represent the topographic lines of some of the points where our vines are located within the Lanzarote Denomination of Origin.

Erupción Winery- Vintage 2012

Piroclastos Dulce

A more classic line that maintains the essence and brings the experience of the last 40 years, with a surprising range of natural wines called Piroclastos Dulce.

Piroclastos Dulce is the legacy of my father who has made with the Moscatel de Alejandría variety, it is a sweet wine that has been aged for 10 years.

It comes from a late 2012 harvest, which obtains its sweetness naturally, because the sugar concentration of this variety is naturally very high.

The amber colour, its subtle sweetness along with that smoothness seems to remind generous wines.