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Winery Erupción is a family business dedicated to the production and marketing of “signature wines” from their own vineyards located in different locations within the plantation framework of the Lanzarote Designation of Origin. (Denominación de Origen Lanzarote).

Today we are in the transfer of this business from father to daughter, who use to make wine the most relevant monovarietals of the area, to exhibit both its greatness and uniqueness and to identify the marked differences that define each vintage and its elaborations.

Let yourself be carried away by the journey of sensations and you will see how Erupción will not leave you indifferent.

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Roots & Vulcano

The volcanic eruptions of the different episodes of Lanzarote’s volcanology have been the turning point in the history of wine on the island. For this reason, of course, our name “Erupción” refers to the last chapter or last volcanic eruption of the island of Lanzarote in the year 1824, one of its focuses was in the town where a large part of our vineyards and winery are located, a town of Tao.

All the prominence and strength that our DNA or LOGO has, are the result of a perfect symbiosis between the Volcano and the roots of the Vitis vinifera, because it is our history, because the farmer of the island of Lanzarote (Conejero) transformed that landscape and planted the vine, and from there the union was unimaginable.

bodega erupción vinos de autora

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Our commitment is to continue the Family legacy, and use the experience and knowledge of our predecessors, to continue contributing to the promotion and dissemination of wine culture.


To be a benchmark in the volcanic wine sector worldwide, as a comprehensive management model for both the vineyard and its delicate production to obtain excellent vintages of limited productions.


Commitment; Respect; Cooperation; Excellence; Transparency, Equality, Diversity.


of the Project

The creation of BODEGA ERUPCIÓN is not only the generational change but also the challenge of undertaking from the viticulture and oenology approach, the search for resources in the face of climate change for the optimization of the vine cycle, as well as the processing and elaboration of “signature or author” wines.

bodega erupción - identidad y raiz

Amor López


Amor López, its author, started this project called Erupción that she founded in 2021, which covers both the winery and the family farms that are in different smallholdings within the plantation framework of the Lanzarote Denomination of Origin.

She comes from a family of viticulturists and winemakers from Lanzarote, whose main objective as a Biologist and Oenologist is the maintenance and conservation of the wine-growing landscape and her family heritage; thus, preserving the tradition, the culture of wine and the family legacy, until taking it to the elaboration and commercialization of its premium author wines of limited productions and the highest quality.

"First woman from Lanzarote to set up a winery on the island with a family winemaking tradition."



Bodega Erupción is the result of the cultural values of the world of wine instilled within this family with a heritage of more than 150 years and which for the last fifty years has been dedicated to maintaining the vineyard and, to a lesser extent, making of wines in an artisanal way.

The current headquarters was founded by Marcial López in 1982 because of the need to make the original family winery independent and expand, and with the third generation, Amor López, has modernized and taken it to a higher level with the production and marketing of its signature premium wines, limited productions, and high quality.

Erupción is landscape, it is tradition, it is legacy, it is my land…

Amor López

La Geria Masdache Tao La Vegueta Tinajo Mancha Blanca



The family vineyards that make up the ERUPCIÓN wine scene are spread over 5 hectares of volcanic terroir.


Thanks to the properties of the picón, the vines follow their natural course in this apparently hostile place where the volcanic terroir dominates.

Picón is key, since as a sponge it absorbs moisture from the ocean condensed by the trade winds and then transfers it to the vine by osmosis.

In addition, the picón acts as an insulator and keeps the temperature of the topsoil constant, and finally prevents runoff from rain.

Local Varieties

In these plots we will find hundred-year-old vine stocks of traditional varieties of the area such as Volcanic Malvasía and Listán Negro mainly, but we also have Diego, Moscatel, Listán Blanco and Negramol, whose yields are very low but to the detriment of the quantity the grapes are of great quality. quality.

All are pre-phylloxera, planted in a vase at ground level to prevent the action of the wind from burning the plant, and even when pruning, the aim is to sculpt its shape as if it were crawling.

La Geria Masdache Tao La Vegueta Tinajo Mancha Blanca



Our wines are truly unique…they acquire the finesse of the delicate elaboration of their Author, who has selected the best bunches by hand in a careful vintage from the oldest estates that coexist in this volcanic landscape.

That characteristic mineral profile of the volcanic terroir from which they come is an elixir…

For this reason, the names of the wines also took as reference various elements or materials from the world of volcanology that originated the history of wine in this land of fire.

Wine of "Author"

Wines that, due to their complexity, require very special and exhaustive treatment, which is why it is very difficult to produce them on a large scale, and are characterized by having a higher quality than other wines.

"LIMITED" Productions

Our vintages have a limited number of bottles: due to the low yield of the land per hectare, resulting in a grape with a higher qualitative value and therefore of the finished product versus quantitative.


Family vineyards that allow comprehensive control and care of our vineyards and therefore of the grapes until the harvest.

Based on a traditional Viticulture that we develop in each of our plots, with always manual practices and in a sustainable way with the environment.

"100% VOLCANIC WINE" in smallholdings

The vineyards are in small plots in very varied arrangements, both in large holes in La Geria, as well as on the slopes of the Volcano on different inclinations, and all of them on volcanic soils that give characteristics to the soil and the consequent adaptation of the vine. to these conditions, which give it a perfectly balanced mineral flavour.

  • Old/centenary strains: at least 100 years old.
  • Uncultivated vines, that is, they have their own roots and are not grafted onto any pattern or rootstock.
  • Pre-phylloxera vines: Although the phylloxera plague was a true devastation and most of the free-standing vineyards in a large part of Europe disappeared, some isolated vineyards such as those of the D.O. Lanzarote managed to survive. These vines that escaped the plague are called pre-phylloxera vines, which have the roots of the variety and are also centuries old, since the phylloxera invasion occurred more than a century ago.

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Centenary, Ungrafted & Prephylloxera

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