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Erupcion Wine Lover

Erupcion Wine Lover

For wine lovers we have chosen 24 bottles, which capture the essence of our landscape by bottling it.

Each semester they will be delivered in 12 bottles, and we offer the opportunity to enjoy these wines by including a personalized online tasting by our Founder and Winemaker Amor Lopez.

In addition, you will enjoy all the benefits of being part of the Club such as discounts, exclusive events, and many more advantages.

Subscription Fee

  • Annual subscription fee includes 10% discount on bottle price and no shipping costs for the whole year (one-off payment).
    760 € + taxes.
  • Half-yearly subscription price includes 10% discount on bottle price and exemption from shipping costs for the first shipment (two annual payments).
    380 + taxes.

Attention: We deliver to the Canary Islands.
Coming soon to other destinations.

For more information contact us at

380.00 760.00  (Taxes not included)